Monday, February 15, 2010

Intro Blog

I'm terrible at introductions so I figured this would probably be a good icebreaker :)

What path do you follow? Panentheist Gaian path

Do you follow the rede? Nope

Do you believe in the three fold law? Yes and no. I don't believe that three times what you send out comes back to you but I have come across an interesting way of interpreting the three fold law as your actions will affect you emotionally, physically and spiritually. In this regard I can see a place for it in my path (though not an especially significant part) as a reminder that my words and action affect others as well as myself.

Which Gods/Goddesses are you particularly drawn to? Gaia/Earth Mother

Do you practice magick? Occasionally.

Do you have an altar? Whats on it? I'll definatly be doing posts on my altar updates through the seasons. I think altars are intriguing windows into others paths.

Are your rituals formal or informal? Very informal.

What element do you align with? All of them to a greater or lesser degree but mainly Earth and Air.

Which Astrological Sign are you? Gemini

Is there a season of the year that you feel more in tune with? I love them all for different reasons :)


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  1. Welcome to the blogging world and its lovely to have someone who's a fresh take on her own individual and personal path.
    This is what I love about (trying to resist the typical boxing/umbrellas) witchcraft and those who are followers of nature's call, we all have our ideas, view points and paths but yet when we come together we can still inspire and blend beautifully.

    So I look forward to many more posts and once again thank you for my award.