Monday, February 22, 2010

Doin' it backwards

Circle casting that is.

I started off my Pagan journey over a decade ago where the majority of new seekers do - with Wicca. While my own path has evolved away from the structure and belief system of Wicca there are still some aspects of that path that I deerly love and have carried over in my workings, one of them being the casting of sacred space for indoor rites.

Being that I obviously live in the southern hemisphere I thought I'd write a snippet about the reason everything is performed backwards or upside down here. Basic instruction of casting circle is to cast doesil, sunwise - the direction of the Sun's apparent motion in the sky and dissipate widdershins - a course opposite the apparent motion of the sun. In the Northern Hemisphere the sun moves in a east-south-west direction thus moving in a clockwise motion across the sky, in the Southern Hemisphere the sun travels in a east-north-west direction meaning 'sunwise' or doesil is in a counter clockwise motion across our sky.

On a side note, funny thing with the phases of the moon down here as well. We all recognize this symbol )O( for the waxing, full & waning phases of the moon. For us it looks more like this (O)