Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I just found this post sitting all forgotten in my drafts. It's a tad belated, almost a month late but better late than never I think the saying goes...

Summer is upon us. The Earth is awash with green fertility and the pungent perfume of blossoms. The heat of the afternoon Sun will burn our skin if we venture out longer than a half hour (or is that just me?)

Last year I celebrated the Summer Solstice in the northern region of Australia. The wet days and the alternating chilly and clammy nights did little to inspire me. I unfortunately have to say I almost let any celebrations slip by unnoticed. I guess I am just one of those people who need to feel an inner urge to celebrate my connection to a sabbat in order to be spiritually moved.

This year I am temporarily back in the small bush town I grew up in. This morning I walked outside my door and was greeted with brilliant sunlight, the kind of light which causes us to squeeze our eyes tightly it's so intense. It was wonderful! The day before the Solstice and I am finally able to enjoy a hot, humid and bright Summer morning. Now we are getting somewhere.

I don't know if it is just me but Summer has this effect on me where it brings up a torrent of childhood memories every year. Blistering days where I remember the searing heat of concrete driveways burning the soles of my feet as my brother and I raced towards an ice-cream truck. The smells of eucalyptus and fosters reminds me of Summer nights. For me it is all about the aroma. The smell of the gum trees is something that has the power to move me to tears, and I do not consider myself a person who is easily susceptible to great shows of emotion. But if there is one thing that can trigger such strong emotions within me it is that single scent.

I usually celebrate Sabbat's 'organically' as in no set formal celebrations or rites. I prefer to experience the seasons and my personal ways of communing with nature which includes walks and spontaneous meditations. Basically I just want to be outside, it's a calling I feel in my bones that builds as the Summer season's energy intensifies. Summer is a potent time, it's searing hot and bursting with colour. The Summer Sun pours it's energy down upon us. When I sit in the sunlight of Summer I feel immense energy coursing through not only my body but the plants, trees and animals around me. Everything is alive and vibrant in this moment.