Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pagan Blog Project - Crafts of the Witch

I thought I might do a post on some of the Witchy crafts I have done throughout the years. I really enjoy being able to put my little stamp on things that I use. My Witchy collection is a combination of bought products, things I have made or altered myself, commissioned artwork or artisan crafts - mostly from etsy!! Oh how I love that site!

This was my first attempt at sculpting with clay. I remember searching for weeks for a statue but I couldn't find one that I loved so I combined a few different elements of different statues that I liked into this one. I wanted to make it as simple a process as I could so I used air dry clay and loaded a moonstone inside her. She is a generic representation of Goddess energy.

I also made four small statues, again from air dry clay (knowing me I would start a fire if I placed them in the oven!) They represent to me different aspects of Goddess/Womanhood. During the time I made them I was delving into the Divine Feminine.

I've found working with clay is a really cathartic experience for me. Apart from the statue based upon Venus of Willendorf I sat in a light meditation and allowed the remaining three to be formed organically.

This is my eucalyptus wand. I found it on the ground after the tree had shed it's bark and lopped itself of some branches (as eucalypts do)

The tip is a beautifully shaped natural quartz point
and further down I placed an amethyst point. Compared to other wands

I have made this was the most simple but I absolutely adore it. It has a light energy and I use it mostly throughout spring and early summer rites.

I made this pentacle using left over decorative wooden stems and ribbon.I hot glued the five points together and wound the ribbon after it dried .

In the centre is a removable ammonite pendant that is wire wrapped with copper. I wasn't planning on making it but I hate seeing leftover craft supplies sitting around for too long lol.

It's one of my favorite craft projects I have done. Simple but effective.

My Book of Shadows has been upgraded as of Christmas (thanks to a surprise gift from my hubby Yay!) I'm now using a beautiful leather tome that I have transfered most of the info from this one on the left. This Book I made from a plain purple yearly planner. I removed the planners pages and inserted art paper binded with scrap booking posts. I used gold paint for the decoration as I love the colour of the gold with the natural colours of the ammonite (hot glued) in the centre. I am using it now for all my handwritten spells, rites, correspondances and recipes.

This is a meditation table I hade from one of the small tables that spin around. I painted it a deep purple - representing spirituality - and decorated it with a small pentacle incense burner I never used and wooden cut outs I found in the scrapbook isle at my local craft store.

I also made the table underneath (covered with cloth) which is an inexpensive plywood undecorated table. I painted it in a lighter purple with a silver triquetra in the centre.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lammas 2012

Lammas Blessings!