Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pagan Blog Project - Devotional Artwork

Being a Panenthiest at heart dedicating time to deity devotion is new to me. Previously what I would consider a showing of my devotion to the Universe were simple moments of recognising nature surrounding me. Feeling the Sun's heat on my skin, the breeze in my hair, the moonlight filtering gently in through my window. These moments keep me connected to the pure centre of my belief but Hekate requires more from me. After laying before her offerings of pomegranates, honey, flowers and herbs I decided that if I was going to make offering to a God that I should go large (A3 sized!) and devote my time and energy into one very large devotional artwork that would not only be in service to her but would also give me time to know Her more intimately.

I had a design in mind when I started but after a few disastrous attempts it wasn't coming together. I just wasnt feeling it. Usually creating artwork induces a meditative state within me and I had to let go of my ego (that wanted something very specific) and I allowed my hand to just flow over the paper. I relinquished all control over the piece and the result was something that is not only better than what I had originally planned for but a piece that it imbued with personal meaning and Divine inspiration.

I am not an artist by any means but I have placed a pic of my artwork here so others can see that you don't have to be of artist quality in order to devote artwork in your practice. Maybe you're good at pottery or excel at sculpture, knitting or sewing. I have learnt that the medium really doesn't matter as long as the creation and offering is heartfelt.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pagan Blog Project - Crossroads

I have found myself standing at a crossroads many times in my life. It can be an unexpected and confusing experience when you believe you are traveling steady along one road only to blink and find yourself alone and staring down multiple paths when you didn't even realise they existed a minute ago.

But for the first time I find myself at a spiritual crossroads with no idea which road I should be turing to. Am I still Gaian? Am I devoted to Cernunnos and Danu? Have I indeed been claimed by Hekate as she insists I have? Is there a way to blend the three paths together?

Hekate's association with crossroads has not escaped my attention. In fact She is the reason I find myself standing there alone now. The reason I am standing alone is because that is where my fate ultimately lies - with myself.

Until now I have considered my life to be a product of my own hand. Spiritually speaking this view has become blurred around the edges. Hekate's arrival in my life forced me into a period of deep introspection and confrontation of every aspect of myself. It is because of Her that I know myself more intimately and have cultivated a intense trust in myself spiritually. Her arrival was unexpected and She immediately placed me in the crossroads. It took me many months to understand why I was there. Looking back I now see a slow stripping away of everything I once believed that left me bare. I was going through so much internal confusion during that time that I was contemplating leaving any form of spirituality behind me forever. Through my pain and frustration I found that I needed to process who I was to be able to redefine who I am becoming now.