Thursday, June 21, 2012

Anointing Oil

I spent some time last night crafting an anointing oil for Hekate. I've noticed that I've been spending a lot of time meditating & performing alignments but not near as much time as I want on crafting things like oils, candles and tools. I really enjoys this part of Witchcraft so I though I would share a few pics I took while I was at it...

This oil was made from fresh french lavender I picked from my garden last night.

I have a ceramic tiled breakfast tray that I use whenever I am making oils or incense.

Charging on my Hekate altar.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pagan Blog Project - Listen... The Earth asks you to Awaken.


I have listened to the deep groan of the ancient land on which I live.
I have tasted her in her organic beauty.
I have smelt her soft lavender and eucalypt scent.
I have laid my hands upon her.
I have felt her vibrate between my toes in the grass.
I have pulsated along with her rhythm.
I have sat in silence with her.
I have cried with her.
I have rejoiced with her.
I have offered all that I am with her,
And she has released me...

Bright, hot energy flows within my spine, undulating and waking me from sleep. I feel it rise and greet my crown. I am filled with the ecstatic source until it over flows around me. I feel my energy shifting outside of the physical. I lay there unable to move as I am overwhelmed. When it eventually calms, it settles itself between my root and sacral. I am told this is my gift, for listening oh so intently every moment.

The above was written during a light meditative/trance state. I have been working with Earth for over a year now. While traveling through my shadow, my Earth, I slowly became grounded. In discovering the essence of Land I discovered the essence of self. Where I come from. I built a foundation of self. I understand myself & I know where I want to take myself spiritually. Experiencing a Kundalini awakening wasn't something I was expecting. We have all read stories of Kundalini going awry & causing havoc. At least I have. Having this energy awaken within me worried me immensely! What was I going to do? I only had a rudimentary understanding of what Kundalini was taught to me by my Reiki teacher. In the end I had to pull upon the strength I have built within myself to understand that truly this would not have occurred had I not been ready. I finally feel as though I am home.....

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Guided By Intuition

Recently my intuitive sense has been increasing exponentially. I have been on this crazy ride the last four months has seen me almost turn completely around in my thought process. I usually question everything, and by everything I mean down to the teeny, tiny, minute detail. It was frustrating, headache and heartache producing stress.

I honestly admit that I don't know when I changed my mind, I don't even know how it happened but I find myself now in the experience instead of thinking about the experience. What is even stranger still - I'm enjoying the freedom. "You are free," is a phrase that has been re-occurring in my meditations, my dreams, day dreams, random signs (actual signpost signs that have been popping up everywhere) & song lyrics. I had no idea what it meant - to be free. Spiritually free, free from constantly trying to 'understand' the 'reason' behind everything I saw, touched, did, it was exhausting me. I ended up after 13 years of spiritual searching with nothing. A clean slate. Feeling that loss was such an extremely emotional moment in my life. In my grief over my perceived loss of all that was spiritual I didn't see it coming - that moment where I didn't have to think, where I could be in the moment without my mind trying to control my experience.

It is happening over and over again, everyday. My intuition is sneaking through in small moments throughout the day, "don't cross the road yet," a car will pass whose driver didn't bother to indicate. Someone calling on the phone, or knowing who is standing at my door before they knock. A song on the radio. Understanding the sunrise. All these when written down in text will seem insignificant to most but to me they show me how different I now am. How open I am to experiencing myself for the first time. I understand now why I need to be bare. I never would have accepted these experiences fully in my past. They would have been stripped until they no longer existed.

I can feel myself opening up. I know that in the coming months I will be moving away from my shadow work. I feel blessed to have entered and explored the very the depths of myself, my own underworld. I can feel the shift, subtle as it may be at the moment. The shadow work within my root chakra was the building of a foundation of myself. My intuition tells me it's time to move on from my Root and into my Sacral. In shifting above I carry within me an understanding of why that foundation is so important. My gift from such intense journeying through the underworld and back is my intuition & my willingness to trust it... I am free!