Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hekate My Queen

I'm one of those people who when feeling frustrated, anxious, or down like to keep themselves physically occupied to work the energy off. Tonight was one such night. I'll usually busy myself with scrubbing the bathroom until it gleams or vacuuming an already clean room but I just couldn't bring myself to that tonight. Hekate has been warning me that I'm on the brink of burning out completely and that I don't need to be doing absolutely everything I think I do. So heeding her voice I settled myself down to craft a candle dedicated to self.

   The simple act of sitting in silence, working my fingers over the bees wax, warming it with my body temperature and slowly rolling it calms me. I'm not worrying that I am putting 'negative' energy into my candle. I think about how I love to see my altar in the candle light. I love all the intricate shadows that play across the items I've carefully placed there, the light brings some into a  better view and hides others from sight as though they've crossed over the veil & exist only in essence. I sprinkle hand picked lavender over the wax as I roll. I allow the mingled scent of honey and lavender invade me and I give myself over to the experience.

I don't purify/cleanse absolutely every spiritual item I touch to be rid of 'negative' energy. On this night I allowed the act of creating something cleanse my emotions. The energy was transfered from the calming lavender and bees wax into me, not the other way around. I didn't want to do an injustice to my feelings and just get rid of them, I wanted to honour them and then heal.

I light the candle in honour of Hekate's guiding presence in my life. She is there even when I don't realise I need her so...

My Beautiful Queen
Burning torches held before you.
You lead the way
I follow in trust.

Benevolent One of Hearts
Who teaches with tough love
You guide me through
The depths of soul

Hekate of Darkness
Your moon is bare
I call to you
And you are there

Mistress of compassion
In your bountiful wisdom
My heart is full
Due to you

Blessed in Hekate
as are those whom she calls.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Lille bit of Self Love

Bees wax candle loaded with rose petals, rose quartz & pomegranate. 

Sometimes, like a lot of mum's, I have a habit of neglecting myself constantly. Just taking a small amount of time to roll this beautiful candle reminds me of the beauty that resides inside. 
Even when I forget...