Saturday, January 14, 2012

I've decided to join the Pagan Blog Project to help me into a routine
of regular blogging.

Each Friday for the next year I will be blogging on a different Pagan topic.

Pagan Blog Project ~ A is for Altar

I think it is no secret that I adore my altar space. It is still my sacred little corner and the one place I make sure is tended to daily.

Alongside a shift in my path there have been changes to my altar. Some new additions and some items have been removed.

My previous altars were mainly constructed for Gaia/Gaianism and my interest in the Scared Feminine. Now I find I'm decorating to represent myself, my interactions, beliefs and spiritual relationships, more so than any specific path.

I consider myself at this moment to be path free. My altars are reflecting all the internal changes I have been going through the last year. One huge difference is my growing relationships with Deity, or Deities to be exact.

This is my current set up of my main altar. I have statues now for both Danu and Cernunnos. I couldn't part with my smaller statues so they are on there until I can find a safe place for them to go. I still intend to use them in smaller altar set ups for rituals and meditations.

My new wand was a surprise Christmas gift from
my husband. To say it's absolutely beautiful would
be an understatement! The handle is a Blesbok horn I believe and it fits surprisingly well in my small hands.

I still use egg cups to hold my elemental representations. Once I've found something I like I usually don't change it, that is why my altar set ups usually look very similar to one another. I have an incense burner and oil burner (holding a soy wax melt I made) on either side of a really pretty ceramic flower candle holder. The amethyst point represents my spiritual self.

In between the egg cups is a new 'All' candle representing a great cosmic energy that pervades all of the Universe. The silver bowl to the right contains a spell at the moment and the one on the right is my cleansing bowl.

The tiny LEGO helmet is courtesy of my three year old lol.

This is my Hecate altar. I have an iron key and skull in front of her
picture.There is also a bottle of perfume there as well that I like to wear
when I commune with her. It's quite small but Danu and Hecate
prefer to be kept separate from one another.

Hecate is quite new in my life and her appearance was completely 100% unexpected. By the time of her arrival during one of my meditations I had become no more comfortable with my conflicting thoughts about the presence of Deities around me. In comes Hecate who quietly stated that my trouble with Deity is entirely my problem to deal with and that she's not going anywhere whether I believe in her or not. Her altar is the one I tend to the most.